6 steps to help you find the perfect workspace for your startup

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Posted on Feb 18, 2016

6 Ways to Perfect Office Space-SynergyWorkspaces

There are 6 steps to help you find the perfect workspace for your startup business.

Know how much space you need.

A guideline to remember is to plan for around 1,000 square feet for every four to six workers.

Showing consideration to your employees is crucial.

They help your business run and make profit so it’s important to consider their needs. Look for space that is convenient travel distance to and from the
office. Location for your office is a big factor.

Consider subleasing an office for short term.

When you are looking for space, it may be difficult to sign long term leasing. A short term lease may help so you will not have to stress over having enough income in the bank to provide to your landlord and you will be able to turn profit.

Think Pro! Work with a specialist who understand office space. Make sure you work with people you trust and are recommended.

If you have never rented an office space before, not to worry. Reach out to an agent that understands commercial rental space so you will not have to pay high or rental monthly cost that is out of your price range. This is your business and you want to achieve success. Surround yourself with workers and individuals you can trust in order to gain profit. These people can also be recommended by others you have an understanding with and trust
completely. They should come recommended with the skills, knowledge, and experience you desire.

Rent out space

If you are working on a tight spending budget and acquire a “lower-cost” course of action, you can set up a range of space to provide for other startups short or long term purposes.

Everything is negotiable

Be prepared to counter-offer any price that does not sound acceptable. Even commercial properties can be negotiated between two parties to make sure you have the space you need, around the price range you want, and the landlord will be satisfied knowing they have an upstanding tenant. Try and convince the percentage to be lowered if the price is high. Research any opportunity to save yourself some money ie. a free month or recommending space to other tenants.

source: Entrepreneur.com

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